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A Different Approach

The best products are born not only from a need for a solution, but also from an understanding and thorough testing. We test all our products, not only in laboratories, but in practice and in case studies.

Whether you need to find a product solution for a specific problem, require testing, or an expert witness for product issues, we can help.




Recent  Projects

  • Development of hemp construction blocks utilising new generation binders.
  • Development of water based waxing pastes with compatible pigments and paints.
  • Development of non-toxic timber treatment products.
  • Development of non-toxic and vapour open fire retardant treatments for thatch.
  • Development of vapour open non-combustible Aerogel adhesive and plaster bonding primer


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  • Effects of animal hair in lime plaster
  • Independent paint performance trials
  • Corrosion resistance of Wrought Iron
  • Performance of rendering lath species
  • Moisture management in new and historic buildings
  • Performance of chalk-lime plasters
  • Performance of natural cements
  • Performance of selenitic limes; SPAB article – Innovation in conservation
  • Nano lime and Nano CO2 technologies.
  • Performance of masonry paints: Keim paints UK.
  • Wikipedia Rubble carrstone construction.